OK Homeboys, Let’s Posse



We bring you news of two good causes involving two much-loved figures from Red Dwarf fandom.

Firstly, the family of our dear departed friend, former G&Ter and TOS editor Seb Patrick are campaigning to have a memorial bench installed overlooking Crosby Beach, one of Seb’s favourite places in the world. They’re prepared to foot the bill, but the council have refused, claiming that people don’t want a bench in that location. This is nonsense, as evidenced by the overwhelming support the family have received in a petition to urge Sefton Council to reconsider. We have the support of the official site (you know it’s serious when they update and it’s not a Friday), Robert Llewellyn, Danny John-Jules (this one also retweeted by Craig Charles), Doug Naylor and Norman Lovett, plus many other senior Dwarfy figures who have pledged their support by signing. This bench would not only honour the great man and provide comfort to his family, but also improve the facilities in the area. If you haven’t already, please take a few seconds to add your name to the petition, and share the ever-living fuck out of it.

And secondly, we were very sorry to hear that the brilliant artist Colin Howard has been suffering from multiple sclerosis, and now requires a powered wheelchair to help him regain his mobility and freedom. Naturally, this doesn’t come cheap, and so his wife Michelle has set up a GoFundMe to raise the ten grand cost. As well as being a regular at the last few Dimension Jumps, Colin is responsible for such iconic Red Dwarf artworks as the Beat The Geek cover, Danny’s Tongue Tied single sleeve, and many a Smegazine cover, my personal favourite being The Many Faces of Lister. Now he needs our help, so please donate if you are able to, and if you can’t help financially (which is totally fine), you can do your bit by spreading the word.

DwarfCast 134 – Book Club #11: Last Human (Part Four)



Well, it’s been quite a journey but we’re finally here: Last Human is finished. I don’t think we realised when we started this endeavour just how interesting the revisiting of Doug’s solo novel would be, but I think we’ve all come out of the other side a little wiser and a lot more weary of acronyms. So, join the last human alive Ian Symes, mankind’s final hope Danny Stephenson and the universe’s one remaining broccoli farmer Jonathan Capps as they discuss the second half of The Rage and reflect on what is most certainly a very weird and sometimes frustrating book.

DwarfCast 134 – Book Club #11: Last Human (Part Four) (109.4MB)

If you’ve not already guessed, it’s now time to move onto Rob’s solo novel, Backwards, and its altogether more sensibly sized chapters. In the next episode of the Book Club we’ll be covering the Prologue – Every Good Boy and Part 1 – Reverse Universe. Get read up and then leave your thoughts below, but don’t forget to do it forwards!!!!1

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